How to get help / How to help out with Studley Coronavirus support

How to get help if you are in isolation


There are a number of local volunteer groups available in the area to help. We have listed these below. These are the ones we know of, if you know of any more please email us ( and we will update this page.

Warwickshire Country Council is co-coordinating local group responses and has helplines for the most vulnerable to contact if need. More info and contact numbers are available on the Warwickshire Country Council Coronavirus support web pages


If you are in Studley and in isolation, and if you have no nearby friends or family to support you the local community is here to help.  The Studley Isolation Support group has been formed to support all those who are isolated, elderly, vulnerable or in need. Services include shopping, prescription deliveries, dog walking or a friendly voice on the phone. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to help!

You can join the Studley Isolation Support & Volunteer Group 2020 Facebook group and send a message at any time.

Or you can Call 07933 093 268 Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

The contact phone will be answered by one of 6 DBS checked volunteers, who will answer calls and feedback request for help to a larger group of local volunteers. This pool of volunteers works to help with your request as quickly as possible. This is available to anyone in the village who is isolated during these difficult times.

Scam Warning

Only open the door to those you trust. The volunteers will be working with a password system, a password YOU choose. We will talk you through the process when you first call.


Please check the Studley and Middletown Matters Facebook Page

or call Justin the volunteer coordinator on 07970518953


Please check the Alcester Community Resilience Group on Facebook

If you are running a local support group in the area and want to be listed here please email us at

Rural provision outside of local villages

If you live outside our local villages and need support, please approach any / all local support groups to see who can help. You should not feel left out if you are a few miles from any town or village with support networks.

Please also approach any local community Facebook group pages covering your area as there may well be support groups operating that we don’t know of at this time.

If you still can’t find coverage please check with Warwickshire Country Council.

How to help out with local support

Local volunteer groups want your help.

In Studley village alone over the first week, the local volunteers helped out with 65 requests for help.

Requests for help included shopping trips or prescription collections for local residents who are vulnerable or isolating. It might just be a dog walk or a friendly chat on the phone. These roles may develop over time to include more responsibilities.

There may also be support tasks available, Manning a phone to help with incoming requests, helping co-ordinate local leaflet distribution, or help gather and publish information useful for the town such as local shop opening times. (help us write and manage information posts like this one!)

The roles needed will vary but they are a a great way to help your community through this struggle.

There are no formal requirements for DBS checks and similar, only that you follow any guidance (provided) when dropping off shopping or similar at peoples’ homes and that you maintain social distancing at all times.

In the first instance, we suggest approaching the local Facebook groups co-coordinating any response. Add a post saying you would like to help out and someone will almost certainly come back with how to get involved in your local community response. Various local groups are coordinating their response in slightly different ways so its best in the first instance to approach your local group to ask them how to help out.

Stay safe and stay well everyone!

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